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Private Placement

  Private Placement Mechanics
» 43.3 KiB - 5,098 hits - April 24, 2010
"Private Placement Mechanics" - This memorandum will outline suggested procedures for making a private offering of securities pursuant to offering documents or a private placement memorandum (referred to generically as a “PPM”).

  Securities Law Primer
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"Securities Offerings – Compliance with State and Federal Securities Law"- We have prepared this memorandum in order to provide our clients and friends with a summary of how best to navigate through the private capital raising process from a securities law perspective. Our goal is to help ensure that you do not inadvertently do anything that might expose you to liability. Careful securities law planning on the front end is one of the best ways to meet this objective.

Intellectual Property

  TM Reg Memo White Paper
» 41.3 KiB - 2,560 hits - April 27, 2010
Trademark Registration - A Primer. This memorandum provides our clients and friends with a summary of the trademark registration process and the benefits of federal registration.


  Software License Checklist
» 36.4 KiB - 2,178 hits - April 24, 2010
"Software License Checklist" - Issues to consider when reviewing a software license agreement.


  Critical Issues Shareholder Agreements
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"Shareholder Agreements. A Pre-Nup for Smart Entrepreneurs."
Many compare the relationship among shareholders of closely held companies to that of a marriage, and as you might expect, the agreement that governs certain aspects of that relationship similarly draws comparisons to that of a prenuptial agreement. In essence, a well-drafted shareholders agreement should
provide for a contractual resolution of an assortment of issues before they become problems. Addressing
these issues early on (at a time when all shareholders are giddy with the excitement of the new venture), often avoids conflicts or worse, business paralyzing litigation.


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