Off-Site General Counsel

360 Venture Law – Your Off-Site General Counsel

360 Venture Law can function as your off-site general counsel.  Our lawyers specialize in the creation, financing and operation of fast growing businesses.  We will complement, not necessarily supplant, your existing “BigLaw” firm relationship (“BigLaw” is short hand for the typical, 100+ lawyer, platinum-fee law firm).  When additional resources are needed, we can save you considerable time and money being the intermediary between the premium rates of BigLaw and your practical business needs.  More importantly, as your business partner, we are able to use BigLaw services more efficiently and more effectively by recognizing when, where, and how to bring in outside counsel.

The reality is that most services can be handled in-house by 360VL lawyers. We can easily handle the filing of proper organizational documents, preparation of shareholder agreements, employment contracts, private placement materials, securities filings, intellectual property protection, technology licensing, and partner/alliance contracting matters.  If the firepower of BigLaw is needed, we know who to go to, when to go, and what to ask for.  The goal is to meet your company’s needs in a timely and cost-effective way, using a big helping of legal smarts and healthy dose of business savvy.

Our attorneys are legal and business consultants who work with you to develop and implement a robust yet flexible corporate and capital structure to enhance each stage of your organization’s growth.  Whether your goal is to form a LLC for your new business, arrange private equity financing or negotiate a huge contract with your biggest customer, 360 Venture Law can help.

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